Riot Games Reimagines Aurelion Sol’s Kit with the Comprehensive Gameplay Update

Riot Games Reimagines Aurelion Sol’s Kit with the Comprehensive Gameplay Update

The New Calendar year is previously off to a great commence for League of Legends gamers, particularly Aurelion Sol mains. Aurelion Sol has continuously had just one of the lowest select costs in the recreation and this prompted Riot Online games to visualize a gameplay update for the area dragon. Riot initially declared this in the April 2022 Winner Roadmap and far more aspects about the complete gameplay update (CGU) were being spilled by Rob “KingCobra” Rosa in July 2022. Next this, in August final 12 months, Ryan “Reav3” Mireles uncovered the reimagined skill kit of Aurelion Sol.

Now, practically 4 months afterwards, at the begin of 2023, gamers have located that the extensive gameplay update for Aurelion Sol has been patched into League of Legends’ PBE [Public Beta Environment] data files.

On 4th January, Youtuber and facts miner SkinSpotlights , “Ahri ASU [Art and Sustainability Update] Music, ASol [Aurelion Sol] Midscope Update New music and LNY2023 [Lunar New Year] Audio for the League Client was just patched to the PBE.

SkinSpotlights later posted a gameplay reveal for the Star Forger on 5th December, confirming that the CGU is just about ready for release. The CGU could be anticipated along with LoL Patch 13.1. Moreover, the newly updated League of Legends client also has a devoted Aurelion Sol tab that unlocks only on 8th January. 

Aurelion Sol gets a new potential kit in League of Legends

The most obvious modify that a person can quickly tell is that Aurelion Sol no extended has three stars revolving close to him. The SkinSpotlights video looked at every single new capacity in his package in element and they are as follows:

(Be aware: The talents and their descriptions have been sourced from and could adjust when they are staying tested on the PBE prior to launch)


Aurelion Sol’s harming abilities split down enemies into stacks of Stardust, which completely increases every single of his skills.

BREATH OF Light-weight – Q

Aurelion Sol channels his dragon breath for a few seconds, harming the initially enemy strike and splashing lowered injury on to nearby enemies. Each and every second the breath is channeled right at an enemy it will offer reward injury, which is improved by the total of Stardust that’s been collected. This means collects Stardust if the goal is a winner.


Aurelion Sol flies around a terrain in a targeted direction. When in this state, he can forged other abilities. Breath of Light-weight no longer has a cooldown or maximum channel period and discounts increased hurt even though traveling. Astral Flight’s remaining cooldown is reduced anytime an enemy champion dies right after becoming not too long ago harmed by Aurelion Sol. Stardust raises Astral Flight’s most selection.


Aurelion Sol summons a black gap, harmful enemies and gradually pulling them towards its center. This potential grants Stardust just about every time an enemy dies in the black gap and for every second an enemy champion is caught inside it. The heart of the black hole executes enemies who are underneath a specific proportion of their maximum health. Stardust boosts Singularity’s sizing as properly as the execution threshold.

Falling STAR – R

Falling Star: Aurelion Sol crashes a star into the earth. This effects promotions magic hurt and stuns enemies whilst also granting Stardust for each and every enemy champion it hits. Accumulating enough Stardust transforms Aurelion Sol’s following Falling Star into The Skies Descend.

The Skies Descend: Aurelion Sol drags a large star down from the heavens with an greater effects zone and elevated injury, knocking enemies up rather than beautiful them. A shockwave then spreads from the edge of the influence zone, which damages and slows the enemies it hits. Stardust raises the effects place of both equally Slipping Star and The Skies Descend.

With the League of Legends client pointing at an 8th January expose for the Aurelion Sol CGU and with the to start with patch of the time going dwell on 10th January, players can anticipate to see the new Star Forger on the Summoner’s Rift incredibly quickly.